Paddling is terrific fun. With the proper training and experience, it is a very safe and accessible sport for everyone to enjoy.

However, we see news reports about paddlers who ran into trouble when their craft capsized and they were unequipped for self-rescue. In other cases, the weather blew up unexpectedly and put the paddler into a life-threatening situation.

The Lifeline is the perfect safety solution for paddlers. It is very sleek and compact. It is a fully featured marine VHF radio and GPS. And it is rugged and waterproof with a depth rating to 425 feet. It's even tough enough to drive over with a truck (don't try this at home!) which means that the Lifeline will stand up to the stress of beach landings, capsizes and getting knocked about.

Green button

Chat with your buddy or other kayakers.

Orange button

Call for help on channel 16 international hail and distress.

Red button

Increases transmission range 2.5 x and send alert message with gps position and turns on strobe.

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