Personal location devices are very topical in the sailing community at the moment. There was a accident in the last fastnet race where rambler 100 capsized and 5 crew were swept away and very nearly not found, even though the boat was in the middle of a racing fleet and they all saw other yachts sailing nearby. A personal EPIRB did save the day, but only just. A few Lifelines among the crew would have made a totally different story.

Sailors do take safety seriously. The Lifeline is;

  1. (a) good for safety
  2. (b) has good every day uses
  3. (c) can be charged by USB (easy on a boat)
  4. Why would any serious sailor go sailing without a Lifeline??

Green button

Call your own boat.

Orange button

Call for help on channel 16
international hail and distress.

Red button

Increases transmission range 2.5 x and send alert message with GPS position also turns on strobe.

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