Peace of mind

"I've been surfing for 3 years and I LOVE surfing in the winter (I know, crazy right?). It gets pretty cold and lonely off the wild coast of Maryland in the winter time and we really try to create a buddy system for safety reasons. Based on individual demands and schedules, it's not always possible to surf with a friend. When searching in the Internet, the advice you find for safety for solo surfing is 'don't surf alone.' NICE! Well, that's not always possible and if you are yearning for hitting the water, some of us crazies will go it alone regardless. I was fortunate enough to find the Lifeline so that I can still surf and know that I'm literally a click away from help if I'm in trouble. This gives me and my family the peace of mind I need to hit the water with a surfer's lifeline!"

- Michelle Burke, Maryland, USA

Green button

Chat with your buddy or coach on shore.

Orange button

Call for help on channel 16 international hail and distress.

Red button

Increases transmission range 2.5 x and send alert message with gps position and turns on strobe.

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