Size & Weight
 Weight   9.88 Oz (280 g)
  2.6"W x 5.72"H x 1.8"D (67x145 x46 mm)
 Power & Battery
  1850mAh Li-on Rechargeable
 Battery Capacity
  24 Hrs +
 Maximum RF Power
  1.85 Watts + 0dB / -3.5dB
 Depth Rating & Communication Range
 Depth Rating
 425 Feet (130 Meters) with Cap Closed
 Voice Communication Range  2-6 Miles (3-10 Km) depending on antenna height
 Distress Range (Red Button)
 Transmits DSC alerts/ GPS to boats up to a demonstrated range of 34 miles (55 km)
 Frequency Range
 All Marine Channels
 GPS  Stores up to 30 Waypoints
 Channel Spacing
 25 KHz
 Material  Polycarbonate, 316 L Stainless Steel


 YES with Cap Closed
 Display Type

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