LifeLine Registration


Your Lifeline is a fully functional VHF marine radio and GPS ready to be used as soon as it is charged. International regulations require registration before the red button can be activated. Download the software and connect your LifeLine to register your unit online.


Operating System Firmware Publish Date
PC software 1.02 February, 2015 Download
Mac software 1.02 February, 2015 Download


To use the software:

  1. Download the software for your operating system from the links above.
  2. Windows:
    1. Run the installer and continue until you are prompted to connect your LifeLine.
    2. Plug in your Lifeline and click "OK".
    3. For best results disconnect LifeLine and plug back  in again when installer is complete.
  3. Mac OS X:
    1. Mount the Disc Image by double-clicking it
    2. Drag NautilusLifeline.app to the Applications folder in the Finder window
    3. Optionally double-click the "Add to Dock" icon to add the LifeLine desktop software to your Dock
  4. Linux: not currently available but contact us and let us know what distro you use
  5. Run the software, fill in the registration form and submit.  It may take a couple of minutes to complete your registration.
  6. Click on the Apps > Customize Settings button (advanced tab in older software) and type in your 9 digit MMSI number in the LifeLine MMSI field
  7. Click the button "Apply MMSI Number to LifeLine"


NOTE: The red button is for emergency use only unless you are in  “test mode”.

Congratulations, you have completed the final step in the process and your Nautilus LifeLine is ready to go!

Please read the Quick Start Guide for information about best practices for care and use of your new LifeLine.

You will need the following
items for registration.

  • Nautilus LIfeline Icon Your Nautilus Lifeline
  • Nautilus LIfeline Icon Your MMSI number
  • Nautilus LIfeline Icon Your supplied USB Cable
  • Nautilus LIfeline Icon The Nautilus Lifeline Software
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