Works everywhere on the planet with all marine radios installed since June 1999 on ships, yachts, fishing boats, tugs and every other boat on the water. Utilizes dual DSC and AIS technology on VHF radios.

No user MMSI registration required

Your Lifeline comes with a factory programmed MMSI number.


With the outer lid closed, your LifeLine is diver-tough rated to 425 ft. Just make sure to keep your o-ring clean and dry, as dirt and hair might allow water ingress.


Accuracy greater than 1.5 metres. Range for someone in the water to a skiff is demonstrated to be 5-6 miles. The higher you hold your LifeLine, the better the range. Demonstrated maximum range to an elevated antenna is 54 km.

5 year battery life

Provides 98 hours of use on a full battery (batteries not included).

DSC/AIS technology? What do I have to do?

Every LifeLine is programmed at our factory with an MMSI number, enabling AIS functionality as soon as you turn your unit on. Due to FCC requirements, DSC is not factory activated. Please download our easy-to-use app and use the built-in optical sensor to activate DSC as appropriate.

Positively buoyant?

Yes, even with the lid open, your unit is positively buoyant in salt water. Your LifeLine is IP68 watertight with the lid open.


1 year. We fully support older units as well, of course.


We want everyone to have nexGen, the latest and greatest LifeLine. Send us your old LifeLine, and we will upgrade you to a nexGen for US$135. Any condition is fine, even if your LifeLine is flooded or was a chew toy for your puppy.

Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS Specifications

AIS Transmit Power

1 Watt

AIS Frequency

161.975 and 162.025 MHz

DSC Transmit Power

0.5 Watt

DSC Frequency

156.525 MHz


Individual Distress Relay, Distress Alert

Environmental Temperature Range

-25°C – +55°C

Waterproof Depth

425 feet (130 meter) sea water with dive cap closed / splashproof with dive cap open


2.9 x 3.8 x 1.5 inch (75 x 97 x 39 mm)


4.6 Oz (131g) after inserting two batteries

AIS Transmit Power

1 Watt