LifeLine Radio Support

This page contains Nautilus LifeLine Radio support troubleshooting information. If you have a Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS, please contact us for support.

Where do I get an MMSI number?

This depends on where you are located in the world as every country will have its own marine authority which handles MMSI numbers.

The important thing to know is that once you have an MMSI number, it will make your LifeLine fully functional anywhere in the world. There is no need to change this number if you are travelling.

Please follow this link for more detailed information about MMSI numbers: MMSI Information

How do I change my MMSI number?

Normally, you will have no need to change your MMSI number. However, if, for example, you make a mistake when entering the number, it can be changed. International regulations state that only the radio manufacturer may change an MMSI number.

The Nautilus LifeLine Radio is the only marine radio that allows this change WITHOUT sending it back to the factory. Email your name, LifeLine serial number and place of purchase to and we will reset your MMSI. All you have to do after that is to connect your LifeLine to the Desktop Software and you will receive a prompt telling you that your MMSI number has been cleared. If this does not appear right away, click the Updates tab, then the Software Settings tab, and then “Check for Software Update”.

I have an MMSI number. How do I enter it into the LifeLine?

With your LifeLine connected to the Desktop Software, click the Apps tab, then Customize Settings. You will see a field on the right side of the screen where the number can be entered. Enter your MMSI number and click “Apply MMSI Number to LifeLine”.

What does the “Show GPS Points on a Map” button do?

After you have taken your LifeLine out and acquired a few GPS points (up to 32 points will be saved) you can then come back, connect your LifeLine to the Desktop Software, and click this button. This will open up a map displaying the locations where you have been with the LifeLine.

My LifeLine doesn’t turn on. What do I do?

This may indicate one of two things: either your LifeLine is low on charge, or the LifeLine requires firmware installation. Both can be resolved; instructions detailed below.

1. If your LifeLine is very low on charge, it is possible that nothing will display on the screen until it is connected to power for up to 20 mins. At this point, we suggest that you leave the LifeLine connected until the Green light is extinguished.

Important: Disregard the indicated charge percentage for the first connection of your LifeLine. Your LifeLine is not fully charged until the green light has extinguished.

2. If the LifeLine is connected to a power source and the screen does not turn on, this is an indication that the firmware has been erased on your LifeLine and needs to be repaired by doing the following:

Ensure that your LifeLine desktop software is running – software is available from the LifeLine Radio page.

Connect your LifeLine to your computer.
Watch for any prompts indicating ‘New Hardware’, ‘Scan and Fix’, or ‘A LifeLine has been found with no Firmware’. If any of these prompt a scan or a search, click yes and follow the prompts.

If these prompts do not come up, please try an alternative USB port on your computer until you hear the Windows “chime”. For a Mac see: How do I update the firmware on a Mac, below.

Try doing a 3 button reset on the LifeLine while it’s connected. (hold down all 3 buttons for 3 seconds).
If you have issues with a particular operating system (Win 7, Vista, XP), please contact us.

How do I update the firmware on a Mac?

Updating the firmware on a LifeLine using a Mac computer requires the use of a bootable Live CD.

It is not possible to use Virtualization technologies such as Parallels, VMWare, or Virtualbox to connect to a LifeLine or update the firmware.

You only need the LifeLine Live CD if you are trying to update firmware using a Mac. You may also use a Windows PC to complete the firmware update.

Download the live cd file and follow these steps:

Insert a blank writable cd or dvd into your cd burner.
Start “Disk Utility”.
From the File menu, choose “Open Disk Image” and select the lifeline-livecd.iso file to be burned.
In the list of volumes, you will now see an item representing the lifeline-livecd.iso file. Select it.
Click the Burn button and follow the prompts and instructions given by the program.
Once the CD is burned, make sure the CD is in the CD/DVD drive and restart the computer.
Hold the “c” key immediately when the computer restarts to boot from the disc.
If you see a screen where “ccccccccc” is being printed across the screen, release the “c” key and press the “Enter” key to start booting from the cd.
Once the operating system has booted, access the LifeLine desktop software through Applications > Other > LifeLine Setup.
Plug the LifeLine into the computers USB port and it should connect automatically.
Follow the prompts to update the LifeLine’s firmware.

NOTE: If the computer is running on wireless internet from the Live CD the Software Update check and Registration by internet will fail. These can be completed when you are NOT using the Live CD with the Mac desktop software on any wifi or wired connection.

What do I do if my LifeLine doesn’t connect to the Desktop Software?

Sometimes your computer may not recognize the LifeLine when you first plug it in. Please try the following:

If one USB port doesn’t work, try a different port.
Disconnect and reconnect the LifeLine as well as close and reopen the software.
Try pressing and holding all three buttons on the top of your LifeLine (Red, Green and Orange) for three seconds. This will do a hard reset on your LifeLine, and may improve connectivity.

How do I get a GPS lock?

In order to get a GPS lock on your LifeLine, please ensure the following:

  • Your LifeLine has the most up to date firmware from the desktop software.
  • Your LifeLine is on, the top cap is open, and the antenna is extended and pointed skyward.
  • You are outside with a clear view of the sky.

Allow a moment for the LifeLine to acquire satellites in view – the number of satellites is represented at the top right hand corner of the screen. Once the LifeLine has a GPS lock, the numbers will change to a |+|. At this point, your GPS location will be represented on your LifeLine screen, accurate to within 5 meters.

How do I change the green button Chat Channel?

To change the channel of the Green Button on your LifeLine, there are two simple options. Before trying either of these options, ensure that your dive region selected on the “General” tab on the LifeLine desktop software is appropriate to your next dive location.

From the General tab, changing the Chat channel will update the LifeLine automatically, however, the new channel will not be activated until the LifeLine is disconnected from the computer.

Alternatively, you can change your channels on the fly without using a computer by following the steps below:

  • Turn on your LifeLine.
  • Quickly press the Green Button 3 times to enter “Select Channels” Mode. This may take a few tries.
  • You may cycle through the channel list by repeatedly pressing the Green Button.
  • Once you have chosen your desired channel, press and hold the Green button to select and confirm.

What should I do if I am traveling with my LifeLine?

Be aware of the regulations of the country that you are visiting.
Change your dive region using the LifeLine software to the appropriate setting.

Note: You do NOT need to change your MMSI number when traveling.

I’m getting “Installer Integrity Error” when I try to install the Desktop Software. What do I do?

This can happen depending on the specific security settings if you are using Internet Explorer, usually IE6. This typically happens when the file download is incomplete. We recommend that you try downloading the Desktop Software using an updated version of Internet Explorer or by using another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

How do I change the battery on my LifeLine?

Changing the battery on your LifeLine is something that must be done by the manufacturer. In order to change the battery on your LifeLine, you can send the LifeLine to us by mail and for a fee of $59.99 we will examine the LifeLine and install a new battery.

Attempting to change the battery on your own will void the warranty. Please do not attempt to do so.

Having trouble updating your Firmware? Read this:

You may encounter a firmware update failure where your LifeLine running firmware 0.64 or earlier is unable to update. The firmware update process will appear to start but the LifeLine will just reset and the firmware will not update. The software will report that it cannot find the LifeLine and ask if you can see it in “My Computer”.

If this happens several times and you are unable to update your firmware, please use one of the following methods to completely run down your battery, then try the firmware update again.


Method 1 – Continuous Position Reports (MMSI # required)

  1. Ensure your LifeLine is registered and has an MMSI number entered, this method will not work without an MMSI number
  2. Go to the Apps tab and click on the Group Call button (software 0.3.61+)
    • This is the Advanced > Fleet Mode tab in older software versions
  3. Enter a Host Boat MMSI such as 123456789
  4. Select “Continuous Position Reports” and click “Apply Settings to LifeLine”
  5. The General tab should then say “Red Button – Continuous Position Reports” at the bottom
  6. Disconnect your LifeLine from your computer
  7. Press the Red button for three seconds to enable Continuous Position Reports (this is not distress mode)
  8. Leave your LifeLine running continuous position report mode until the battery is completely drained
  9. During position report mode the LifeLine will appear to go to sleep and wake up as part of the DSC cycle. This is normal and expected.


Method 2 – Transmit and/or long timeout (MMSI # not needed)

  1. Under Apps > Customize Settings set the Timeout (min) to 180
    • This is the Advanced > Settings tab in older software versions
  2. Disconnect your LifeLine from your computer
  3. Press the transmit button repeatedly or leave your LifeLine awake to run down the battery – it may take several hours to completely drain the battery
  4. Wake up the LifeLine if it shuts off to continue draining the battery
  5. Leave your LifeLine awake until it will no longer wake up when you push a button


For either of these methods transmitting on the chat channel will help run down the battery faster. When the LifeLine will no longer wake up from a button press, plug it in to your computer and connect to the software to try the firmware update again. It may take a few minutes of being plugged in for your LifeLine to wake up when it has been completely drained.


If after completely draining your battery you are still unable to update the firmware, please contact your local dive shop for help, or our tech support team at: or +1-604-241-1918.


We wish you safe diving and strongly encourage all Lifeline users to ensure that your firmware is up to date with v1.02.

– Captain Mike and the team at Nautilus Lifeline.