LifeLine Radio Desktop Software Readme

Nautilus LifeLine Desktop Software 0.3.74

Updated February 2015
Current Software Revision: 0.3.74
Current Firmware Revision: 1.02


Read the previous software readme - 0.3.61.


Find the latest Desktop Software README file on our website at: 0.76


Have a look at for the latest news and updates for the Nautilus LifeLine.


Check our support section at for up to date operations manuals and support information. Manuals will be made available in additional languages on our website.


Run the Lifeline-Setup.exe installer to install the Nautilus LifeLine Desktop Software. If you haven't already plugged in your Nautilus LifeLine, you will be prompted to do so during the installation.


Windows may ask you if you want to trust the publisher of the device driver during the software install process. If you do not click "ok" the device driver will not be installed and your computer will not be able to communicate with the LifeLine. This is not an issue for Mac users.


Download the Lifeline-Setup.dmg and mount the disk image by double- clicking it. Drag the "Nautilus LifeLine" application to the Applications shortcut in the disk image to copy the LifeLine desktop software to your Applications directory. You can also choose to double click the "Add to Dock" icon to add a shortcut to the LifeLine desktop software to your Dock.


The first time you run the program Mac OS X will warn you that you are about to run an application that was downloaded from the internet. It is safe to do so and you will not be prompted about running the program again.


OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer may warn you that you are trying to open a program that is not from a Trusted Developer. You can get around the Gatekeeper warnings in a couple of ways as described on this webpage:


We do not currently have a published version of the Linux desktop software available. If you are a Linux user and would like this to happen, let us know what distro you use. Sufficient demand will be recognized: email "> .



The General tab of the LifeLine desktop software gives you a simple way to access and change commonly used settings for your LifeLine.


One of the first things you should do with your LifeLine is select the region in which you will be diving. This list has been populated with a number of regions with different channel configurations based on the VHF channels that are monitored in different parts of the world. These channels are sometimes different from country to country and these lists take that into account. If you do not see a specific region for where you will be diving you can safely choose "International" which has the most generalized channel list available.


You can also change the Chat, or Green Button channel by changing the selection in the "Choose Chat Channel" dropdown list. This channel will be automatically enabled when you unplug your LifeLine from the computer.


"Show GPS Points on a Map" will export your latest points to our Google Maps interface showing you where you were during your last dive or topside excursion.


Quick links are available to our Social Media sites and web pages.


The Apps tab links to 6 common uses of the LifeLine desktop software to enable or disable specific features of the LifeLine.


Upload GPS Points: Uploads your points to our Google Maps interface
Share GPS Points: Share your recent points using Social Media
Group Call: Set up a Group Call or Position Report (non-distress) mode
Buried Treasure: Set up a long power-off time to mark underwater sites
Customize Settings: Set your volume, squelch, timeout, and MMSI numberor customize your channels
DSC: Access Digital Selective Calling messages received by your LifeLine

Customize Channels

Changing channels on the Customize Channels tab provides more configuration options than on the General tab. This allows you to specify a subset of channels for use on the Green (Chat) button, and to specify the currently active channel for this button.


Select multiple channels from the "Select Preferred Channels" list on the right, and click the "Set Chat List" button to add these to the Green Chat button list. Choose the desired channel in the left column dropdown box, and click "Sync Channels to Lifeline" to store your changes to the Nautilus LifeLine.



This page contains a number of settings for the Software, such as:

  • Automatically Check for Updates - when checked the software will check for updates soon after the program runs. This is recommended to get the latest firmware and software updates.
  • Export Points Anonymously - GPS points are exported without any identifying personal information. The serial number of the unit will still be sent in this mode.
  • Export With Personal Information - If this is checked, your name and email from the provided fields will be sent with the GPS points.
  • Name - Name will be exported with your GPS points.
  • Email - Email will be exported with your GPS points.


This page shows the Hardware, Firmware, Software, and Regions versions currently in use with the LifeLine and desktop software. For example:

  • Hardware: 1.00 means you are running hardware version 1.00
  • Firmware: 1.02 means you are running firmware version 1.02
  • Software: 0.3.74 means you are running software version 0.3.74
  • Regions: 0.25 means you are using regions definition version 0.25


Update your Registration information if you have moved by clicking the "Update Registration" button.



The configuration page contains some advanced features:

  1. Restore Factory Default Settings - will restore all settings to factory defaults, except your MMSI number, registration status, and serial number. All channel lists and custom settings will be restored to factory default values. This process takes about 20-30 seconds to complete during which time you should not unplug the LifeLine.
  2. Update or Repair Firmware - this will erase the existing firmware and load a new firmware file onto the LifeLine. If you run into any issues or errors during this process please check our troubleshooting page in the suppport section of our website:
  3. Save Custom Settings - Choose a file to save your current settings.
  4. Restore Saved Settings - Choose a file to restore settings from.

If there is a new version of firmware or software for the LifeLine, you will be prompted to download the latest version during a Software Update check. If you choose to download and install the updated software or firmware, as we always recommended, the software will:


For a Software Update:

Download the latest version of the Software and prompt you to save it to your computer. Once downloaded, the Software will quit and run the installer (Windows) or mount the disk image (Mac OS X).

For a Firmware Update:

DO NOT disconnect your LifeLine during the firmware update.

  1. The LifeLine will have its current firmware erased, and will be momentarily disconnected from the software and computer
  2. It will reconnect to the computer as a USB drive and the new firmware will be copied to it
  3. Once the new firwmare is loaded to the LifeLine, the LifeLine will reset itself and again momentarily disconnect from the computer
  4. The LifeLine will re-connect to the computer with the up to date firmware loaded

NOTE! This is not currently available on Mac OS X due to a known issue. We understand the frustration this causes our customers with Mac computers. If you are unable to find a Windows computer to update your firmware, please read "How to Run the Live CD on a Mac" at


The Lifeline software has been well tested but you may still run into occasional errors. If you do encounter an error, please make note of the following information and contact our technical support team:

  1. what was being done at the time,
  2. what button was pressed immediately before the error/problem happened,
  3. whether the error is a typical message box, or a larger window with "Error" information,
  4. anything else that may be relevant to the error and/or problem, and
  5. a screen-capture of the problem, issue, or error message is greatly helpful to our technical support team in tracking down and fixing errors.

Firmware Update is currently not available on Mac version of software!


The following are some errors you may encounter during the Firmware Update process.

Problem: The LifeLine is unstable, please reset by pressing all three buttons at the same time.
Solution: The LifeLine encountered an error loading the firmware. Press all three buttons on the LifeLine to reset it, then try the firmware update again.

Problem: Cannot Find LifeLine USB Drive.
Solution: The LifeLine was not found as a USB drive plugged into the computer. Reconnect the USB cable and click the "Update or Repair Firmware" button again.

Problem: LifeLine is not detected by computer when updating firmware.
Solution: The LifeLine may not be recognized by some USB 3.0 ports on some new computers. Try connecting the LifeLine to a USB 2.0 port.

Problem: LifeLine has been found as a USB Drive. Do you want to repair the firmware?
Solution: This would happen when you initially start the LifeLine software if a LifeLine USB drive is detected. Click "Yes" to try to update the firmware, or click "No" to do nothing.