LifeLine Radio

The original Nautilus Radio has been discontinued.

Nautilus LifeLine Radio puts safety into the hands of everyone in, or on the water. Nautilus LifeLine Radio is depth rated to 425 feet (cap closed) and is a very simple, but incredibly clever way to call or send a distress message to boats around you up to a demonstrated range of 34 miles. The Nautilus LifeLine Radio works everywhere in the world.

the nautilus lifeline radio allows communication with modern boats, yachts, and other marine vessels

Firmware 1.02

Firmware version 1.02 incorporates an updated user interface that is very intuitive. For a full explanation of the changes, please see page 12 and page 13 of the Operations Manual (Available Below). Please follow the steps below if you are interested:

Latest: Feb, 2015
Firmware Update (V1.02)

Nautilus LifeLine Radio Downloads

LifeLine Radio Specifications

 Size & Weight
 Weight   9.88 Oz (280 g)
  2.6"W x 5.72"H x 1.8"D (67x145 x46 mm)
 Power & Battery
  1850mAh Li-on Rechargeable
 Battery Capacity
  24 Hrs +
 Maximum RF Power
  1.85 Watts + 0dB / -3.5dB
 Depth Rating & Communication Range
 Depth Rating
 425 Feet (130 Meters) with cap closed
 Voice Communication Range  2-6 Miles (3-10 Km) depending on antenna height
 Distress Range (Red Button)
 Transmits DSC alerts/ GPS to boats up to a demonstrated range of 34 miles (55 km)
 Frequency Range
 All Marine Channels
 GPS  Stores up to 30 Waypoints
 Channel Spacing
 25 KHz
 Material  Polycarbonate, 316 L Stainless Steel
 Floating  YES with cap closed
 Display Type