Troubleshooting Mac Software

LifeLine Mac Software Troubleshooting

My Lifeline does not connect to my Mac computer.  What can I do?

You need to install the device driver manually

  1. Sometimes, a simple restart of your Mac can help it recognize the presence of your Lifeline.
  2. Try connecting your Lifeline to a Windows PC instead.   Apple computers are not as friendly as PC’s when it comes to peripheral devices.  Once the initial setup is done, however, you can use your Mac computer.


The LCD screen on my Lifeline is blank, even when I turn it on properly.  What does this mean?

  1. Put your unit on charge.  This is the most common reason for a blank screen
  2. IF that doesn’t work, reset your Lifeline: push down and hold all three(3) buttons at the same time (the three buttons are located on the top of the device, and are coloured orange, green, and red respectively).
  3. **  Or connect your Lifeline into a Windows PC with the Lifeline software running - This software can be downloaded from our website under the “Downloads” tab: http://nautiluslifeline.com/downloads
  4. When prompted to “Repair the Firmware”, click OK and wait for the firmware to be updated and for the Lifeline to reconnect.  This process altogether should take about 30 seconds.


How to Run the Live CD on a Mac

  1. You only need Live CD if you are making a firmware update using a Mac.  Your other option is to use a PC to obtain a firmware update.
  2. Download the live cd file from: http://updates.nautiluslifeline.com/lifeline-livecd.iso
    1. Insert a blank disc.
    2. Start “Disk Utility”.
    3. From the File menu, choose “Open Disk Image” and select the lifeline-livecd.iso file to be burned.
    4. In the list of volumes, you will now see an item representing the lifeline-livecd.iso file. Select it.
    5. Click the Burn button and follow the prompts and instructions given by the program
    6. Once the CD is burned:
    7. Make sure the CD is in the CD/DVD drive and restart the computer.
    8. Hold the "c" key immediately after the computer restarts to boot from the disc.
    9. If you see a screen where “ccccccccc” is being printed across the screen, release the “c” key and press the “Enter” key to start booting from the cd.
    10. Access the Software through Applications > Other > Lifeline Setup.
    11. Plug the Lifeline into the computers usb port and it should connect automatically.
    12. NOTE: If computer is running on wireless internet, Software Update check will fail, as will registration by internet.  
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