Frequently Asked Questions – Nautilus LifeLine Rescue GPS


Why isn’t an MMSI number necessary?
The Nautilus MMSI number was an inventive idea to take advantage of and use the existing system for vessels to acquire their MMSI numbers for onboard VHF radios. Authorities worldwide became unhappy with the vast number of MMSI numbers which were being issued to divers and began restricting the ability of individuals to get their MMSI number. For that reason, we had to come up with a new technology. The new Nautilus GPS incorporates our own internally issued MID numbers as a very clean solution for divers getting found within full approval of government authorities worldwide.

Why did production stop on Nautilus Radio?
Unfortunately, we had no choice but to shut down production on the original Nautilus Radio. US authorities have banned single transceiver handheld radios and the EU changed the CE technical requirements for this class of radio. The problem with the MMSI numbers was also a major hurdle. As well, there were tremendous difficulties with manufacturing in China. For the newer Nautilus GPS, manufacturing is being done right here in Canada.

How does the depth rating of the Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS compare to the original Nautilus Radio?
We arbitrarily decided to give the same depth rating as the original Radio. In fact, the new GPS is even tougher and stronger than the original Radio. 425 ft is the working depth, however, the Nautilus GPS can go much deeper. While we don’t recommend you subject your Nautilus GPS to this, we have driven over one of our units with a heavy SUV without impacting the watertight integrity!

How does the pouch and Nautilus GPS connect to my gear?
The new Nautilus GPS is tiny and can easily connect to your gear in a number of ways. You can easily fit it into any pocket. It can be attached to your BCD pouch, pocket, wet suit or dry suit. Both silicone and neoprene pouches are designed with a strap that can be attached to your BCD. As well, the neoprene pouch has a lanyard that can be used for extra security.