MMSI Information

What is an MMSI number?

A Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a series of nine digits that uniquely identifies marine VHF radios and coast guard stations.

We at Nautilus GPS CANNOT provide you with an MMSI number. This is provided by local government. A 9 digit number must be entered into your unit to activate the red button. Note that different countries have different regulations for issuing MMSI numbers.

Program in your MMSI number

Program your MMSI number into your Nautilus Radio using the Nautilus Setup Utility software on your computer. With your unit connected, go to the Apps tab, and click the Customize Settings button. Enter your MMSI number in the box provided, then click “Apply MMSI Number to LifeLine”.

Once the red button is activated you can send out a DSC alert message and GPS position to every modern radio within range. If your number is not identifiable, the response time of local authorities or other vessels within the range of the radio should not be hindered.

MMSI International Regulatory Bodies

Here is a list of government agencies that may be able to provide more information about how to Obtain an MMSI in your region. List of Regulatory Bodies

For divers going on a dive trip aboard a dive boat, you can use this page to find the MMSI number of boats worldwide.

MMSI in UK and EU

Ofcom | Handheld VHF DSC FAQs



  1. Click “Login/Register”
  2. Register with a new account if you do not already have one
  3. Click “Request New MMSI”
  4. Fill out the required fields as follows:

Vessel Name: n/a
Radio Call Sign: None
Vessel Wireless Number 1: Your phone number
Vessel Flag State: n/a
Ship Classification: Unspecified
Scroll down to the bottom and save the registration.


The equivalent of MMSI numbers in Canada are known as MI numbers. Please follow this link to Industry Canada to access the MI number application form for handheld VHF radios not associated with a ship:

This form should then be submitted to your nearest Industry Canada district office.

MMSI in Australia

We are pleased to advise that AMSA recently held a meeting with ACMA to discuss the Diver Handheld VHF DSC transceivers and the requirement to provide a MROVCP. It was agreed there is no requirement in Australia to provide a MROVCP for the owner/operator of the device if operating from a boat of whom is being operated by someone who is qualified. If the person is operating from the shore then they must be suitably qualified.

Diver Handheld VHF DSC transceivers

Effective as from November 2013, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) does not mandate a marine radio operator certificate prior to the issuing of an MMSI for personally attached diver VHF radios, that offer a digital selective calling transmit capability, and limited voice communications. This presumes that the radio operator in the diving boat (mother vessel) is qualified. In the case of lone divers not operating from boats, the requirement for a marine radio operator certificate remains.

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How do I change my MMSI

The Nautilus LifeLine Radio is the only marine radio that allows this change WITHOUT sending it back to the factory. Email your name, LifeLine serial number and place of purchase to and we will reset your MMSI. All you have to do after that is to connect your LifeLine to the Desktop Software and you will receive a prompt telling you that your MMSI number has been cleared. If this does not appear right away, click the Updates tab, then the Software Settings tab, and then “Check for Software Update”.