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Dive Training magazine article "From Simple Dive to Search and Rescue"

We are glad to be included in the feature article of Dive Training magazine’s September/October 2018 issue. The double feature article written by Karen Straus covers numerous aspects of diving safety, and includes words of wisdom from experienced dive professionals. Read the full September / October 2018 issue at DiveTraining Magazine’s website. Dive safe. Always […]

To the Nautilus Team, Your Nautilus LifeLine GPS (new version) saved our asses today. We (6 divers) were drifting an hour offshore in big swells and strong current. The boat skipper lost track of our bubbles through no fault of his own. When we didn’t surface after an hour, he sent out a signal alerting […]

It has been the experience of your correspondent, and that of many others in the past, that safety in diving doesn’t sell. Just as car buyers offered the choice between an entertainment system or more airbags will choose the former, divers are just the same. They know bad things will never happen to them so […]

The Maldives, Truk, Palau, Grand Cayman, Komodo, next Raja Ampat, I am a trip leader for the Pan Aqua dive shop in New York, and an underwater photojournalist. These days I don’t leave home for any those places without my Lifeline, and I encourage all my travellers to add a Lifeline to their dive gear. […]

My buddy and I were diving in Key Largo for a few days. On day two our regular boat op was not doing a night dive and we wanted one, so we scheduled with a different smaller op. The smaller op seemed well run, and was happy to take us and two other divers out […]

Thank you guys! You just saved my life. $299.99 was the most important investment I ever made! Because it saved my life. How small can the price of a life be? Just $299.99. Here is my story. I think I am the first buyer who used Nautilus LifeLine in 18 hours right after purchase. Yesterday […]

Long story short – due to deteriorating weather conditions on the surface during a dive in Fiji, our boat captain lost myself, my wife, and our two dive masters in open water for about an hour. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to signal using a safety sausage and whistle, we waited for the cloud ceiling to […]

divers at surface using SMB and Nautilus LifeLine Radio

On a recent dive we were hot dropping a wreck in 240′. The current was ripping like it always is there. We missed the wreck and by the time we came up after about 12 min. of deco the boat had lost track of us. We had blown SMBs quickly, but not quick enough. One […]

Hi Captain Lever, I have just returned from a weeks diving in Grenada, using my CCR. On the last dive, a group of 4 divers descended on the wreck of the Hemer 1, stayed in the water for 40 minutes max depth 100 feet. Great dive – warm and clear, loads of life. We surfaced […]

By the way this thing has more than paid for itself. One day in Palau, where the Philippine Sea meets the Pacific Ocean, we dove in 0.5 m swells, only to surface in 2-3 m swells after drifting for 70 minutes in an exceptionally strong surge. No boat in sight and we could not be […]