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Newcomer of the Year 2016 - DIVER Magazine UK!

We could not be more proud. Read the Divernet Awards 2016 here!

The all-new Nautilus GPS at Dema 2016!!

Check out the new Nautilus GPS features!

Diver lost at sea 17 miles from shore. Rescued by a passing fishing boat...

By abc, good morning america

Stranded in water, surrounded by sharks

Scuba divers adrift at sea off the coast of Colombia Gareth Davies for Mailonline

Two scuba divers who were swept out to shark-infested seas have opened up on their ordeal having spent 48 hours adrift.

San Diego Sport Fishermen Rescue 26 From Sinking Boat

By Matt Rascon/

The 63-foot Invicta struck rocks and was taking on water with 26 passengers and crew onboard.


Shooting Photos underwater

Underwater in the US

Underwater diving and photography on location can be thrilling and exciting. If you really think about it, you’re exploring a world that isn’t seen by many, and you’re internalizing nature’s beauty. While it can be very adrenaline packed, it can also be dangerous, if you’re not careful.

Nautilus LifeLine small size, big safety

St George Underwater Centre in Australia

Diving is dangerous. We know that, so we get training to ensure we have the right skills, we carry alternate air sources, dive with a buddy, and so on to improve safety. For a while now we’ve been testing and selling the Nautilus Lifeline device, though I think it’s time to let everyone know exactly what these little guys can do.

Nautilus LifeLine Radio

Practical Sailor-Chandlery August 2013 Issue

The Nautilus Lifeline is a handheld VHF radio that has GPS and DSC capabilities. It allows users to send a digital emergency “mayday” that includes their personal information and their location, and it allows them to talk to rescuers.

What's Happening - Australia

Dive New Zealand / Dive Pacific

"He's smart enough to know he's in trouble and cool enough to look for assistance."

Nautilus LifeLine

Scuba Sport

"...the Nautilus Lifeline is indeed an effective piece of safety equipment that proved useful in a 'real life' situation."

Nautilus LifeLine Let no diver be left behind.

Author: Stephen Frink

Alert Diver

"Divers and boaters are no longer reliant on someone else to send a distress signal in the event of an emergency; that ability can now rest in each individual's hand."

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