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Software & Firmware Release Notes - Nautilus Radio

Nautilus Radio Firmware v1.02 Release Notes

February 2015

Firmware 1.02 has a number of notable changes over previous versions. Some customers have received units shipped with 0.94 and 0.96, and these should also be updated to the latest version 1.02. Please check with your dive buddies and make sure they have updated to the most recent firmware too.

Important changes in firmware 1.02 since 0.76, the previous major release:

  • Fixed a firmware squelch issue that affected a number of units
  • Complete overhaul of the user interface (UI), making accessing and changing settings significantly easier and more intuitive. Read the Operations Manual updated December 2013, and the section "New Firmware Features - Firmware Newer Than 0.80", on Page 12 in the English version.
    • Access the new menu by pressing the Orange button at any time, or use the old method of pressing both Green and Orange buttons for 1 second
    • Advance through menu items with a short press on the Green button
    • Select menu items or enter sub-menus with a short press on the Orange button
    • Save a change by pressing and holding either the Green or Orange button for half a second
    • While in any menu, a long press of 1 second on either button will return to the main screen and start transmitting on the selected channel
    • See the full menu structure and detailed instructions about its use in the Operations Manual
  • Continuous Position Report mode from the Red button, previously selected from the desktop software, has been removed. The DSC button now has only one purpose. Single position report messages can still be sent from the Messages sub-menu.
  • DSC Messages can be sent and reviewed from the Messages menu. Press the Orange button once to enter the menu, the Green button three times to get to Messages, and the Orange button to enter the Messages sub-menu.
  • New icons for more intuitive display, described in the Operations Manual
  • New audible "beep" feedback for:
    • several beeps on device start to warn that an MMSI number has not been entered
    • single short beep to signify entering or moving through menu items
    • single long beep to signify setting change confirmation
    • several beeps when holding the Red button when activating distress mode
    • single beep immediately prior to transmitting a DSC message
    • single beep warning 10 seconds before device goes to sleep
    • single beep when receiving a DSC message
  • Added support for listening to WX weather channels
  • Added a Distress Simulation mode, and SOS Flash, accessible from the Procedures sub-menu.

LifeLine Desktop Software v0.3.74 Release Notes

February 2015

Note: If you are currently running an older version of the LifeLine desktop software, you will be prompted to update to the latest version when you connect your LifeLine to the desktop software. Please check with your dive buddies OR other LifeLine owners and make sure they have updated to the most recent firmware too.

The newest version of our software is now available for PC and Mac featuring:

  • Includes the latest firmware 1.02 and software to access new features
  • An updated region definition 0.25 is included with new channels and a region for Hong Kong
  • Addition of a new DSC Messages tab in Apps to retrieve and read DSC messages received and sent by your LifeLine
  • The Group Call App has been changed to Group / Individual Call, and now supports up to three group or individual MMSI numbers that can be accessed by the new Messages menu on your LifeLine
  • Position Report mode has been removed from firmware 0.96 and above, and the updated software will not allow Position Report mode to be selected on LifeLines running new firmware. Position Reports and other DSC messages can be sent from the Messages menu directly on the LifeLine.
  • Three new channels have been added for Germany, changing the previous DLRG channel to the more common frequency as listed here:
    • Germany DLRG - Transmit/Receive: 155.910 MHz - German Lifesaving Association
    • Germany D2 - Transmit/Receive: 155.930 MHz - German Lifesaving Association
    • Germany D3 - Transmit/Receive: 155.890 MHz - German Lifesaving Association
  • Two new channels have been added for Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Channel 96 - Transmit/Receive:157.825 MHz
    • Hong Kong Channel 99 - Transmit/Receive:157.975 MHz
  • Seven new channels have been added for Norway & Finland (Scandinavia)
    • Channel F1 - Transmit/Receive: 155.625 MHz
    • Channel F2 - Transmit/Receive: 155.775 MHz
    • Channel F3 - Transmit/Receive: 155.825 MHz
    • Channel L1 - Transmit/Receive: 155.500 MHz
    • Channel L2 - Transmit/Receive: 155.525 MHz
    • Channel L3 - Transmit/Receive: 155.650 MHz
    • Channel NDF1 - Transmit/Receive: 155.100 MHz
  • Improved handling of user files on Mac

Read the 0.3.74 desktop software README

Having trouble updating your Firmware? Read this:

You may encounter a firmware update failure where your LifeLine running firmware 0.64 or earlier is unable to update. The firmware update process will appear to start but the LifeLine will just reset and the firmware will not update. The software will report that it cannot find the LifeLine and ask if you can see it in "My Computer".

If this happens several times and you are unable to update your firmware, please use one of the following methods to completely run down your battery, then try the firmware update again.

Method 1 - Continuous Position Reports (MMSI # required)

  1. Ensure your LifeLine is registered and has an MMSI number entered, this method will not work without an MMSI number
  2. Go to the Apps tab and click on the Group Call button (software 0.3.61+)
    • This is the Advanced > Fleet Mode tab in older software versions
  3. Enter a Host Boat MMSI such as 123456789
  4. Select "Continuous Position Reports" and click "Apply Settings to LifeLine"
  5. The General tab should then say "Red Button - Continuous Position Reports" at the bottom
  6. Disconnect your LifeLine from your computer
  7. Press the Red button for three seconds to enable Continuous Position Reports (this is not distress mode)
  8. Leave your LifeLine running continuous position report mode until the battery is completely drained
  9. During position report mode the LifeLine will appear to go to sleep and wake up as part of the DSC cycle. This is normal and expected.

Method 2 - Transmit and/or long timeout (MMSI # not needed)

  1. Under Apps > Customize Settings set the Timeout (min) to 180
    • This is the Advanced > Settings tab in older software versions
  2. Disconnect your LifeLine from your computer
  3. Press the transmit button repeatedly or leave your LifeLine awake to run down the battery - it may take several hours to completely drain the battery
  4. Wake up the LifeLine if it shuts off to continue draining the battery
  5. Leave your LifeLine awake until it will no longer wake up when you push a button

For either of these methods transmitting on the chat channel will help run down the battery faster. When the LifeLine will no longer wake up from a button press, plug it in to your computer and connect to the software to try the firmware update again. It may take a few minutes of being plugged in for your LifeLine to wake up when it has been completely drained.

If after completely draining your battery you are still unable to update the firmware, please contact your local dive shop for help, or our tech support team at: or +1-604-241-1918.

We wish you safe diving and strongly encourage all Lifeline users to ensure that your firmware is up to date with v1.02.

Captain Mike and the team at Nautilus Lifeline.

LifeLine Desktop Software 0.3.61 Release Notes

Wednesday June 12th 2013

Note: If you are currently running an older version of the Lifeline desktop software, you will be prompted to update to the latest version.

The newest version of our software is now available for PC and Mac featuring a new, easy-to-use interface:

  • The General tab has been updated with links to our social media pages, blog, and website
  • A new "Apps" page groups LifeLine settings and capabilities together:
    1. Upload GPS Points -> upload the GPS position of your sites to a Google map
    2. Share GPS Points -> Share your GPS locations on social media sites
    3. Group Call -> Transmit your position to other LifeLines
    4. Buried Treasure -> Mark secret dive sites by sending your LifeLine to the surface
    5. Customize Settings -> LifeLine settings: volume, squelch, timeout, chat-off %, MMSI, channel configuration
  • 3 new channels have been made available for the following regions:
    • M1 and M2 (157.850MHz and 161.425MHz) for UK/Great Britain
    • DLRG (155.89 Mhz) for Germany
  • Software Settings and Firmware / Configuration have been moved to a new "Updates" tab
  • The Firmware update process has been improved
  • Various bug fixes and reliability improvements
  • Includes the latest LifeLine firmware 0.76.

Nautilus Radio Firmware V0.76 Release Notes

Firmware 0.76 fixes several issues that some users were experiencing with older firmware versions. If your LifeLine has older firmware you will be prompted to update your firmware when you connect to the Desktop Software. Notable changes include:

  1. The speaker is muted while the LifeLine is plugged in and charging
  2. Changes to address firmware update failure
  3. Changes to address battery issue

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